Monday, November 7, 2011

Nerd Wars Tournament 3 Month 1 Summary - In which we geek out.

That's right, it's 6 for 6.
What does that mean? It means I submitted six projects to answer the six challenges. Scored and scored.
What's even more awesome is that not only did I manage to submit all six projects for round 2, I also won a prize pattern from my team! I chose a super awesome hat that I've wanted for a while. It's called the Vine Leaves beret, and I have the perfect yarn in mind for it. I wonder if I can manage to cast it on for next month's challenges...

Here's what I submitted:

Scientific: Pre-History: Big Bang Hat
Technical: Colortastic: finger moustache
Nerd Culture: Best-Dressed Nerds: Sheldon's Bozite Hat
Team Spirit: You Say It's Your Birthday: a pyramid bag
Intellectual: I Haiku: Pink Camo socks
Giving Geeks: Think (more than) Pink: a chemo jumper for a cat

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