Wednesday, November 30, 2011

For the love of cats blanket

Dare to be square!
For the Giving Nerds challenge this round, I'm knitting a cat blanket inspired by Sheldon's pillow on Big Bang theory.
It's just a striped garter stitch blanket. i'm making it out of Linkcraft DK, a bright, poppy acrylic I first bought in large quantities when I started to knit. I've been trying to find projects for it ever since.
I like the way it's coming out in the blanket, so that might be a good use for it.

For some reason though, I'm bored with knitting this. I don't know why. It's stripey, colorful, easy, but I find myself procrastinating after every row.

Oh well.
Still finished it, that's all that matters, right?
Which means another Melting of the Cube.

Goooo nerd wars!

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