Monday, June 20, 2011


My first ever pair of socks! I feel so accomplished!
I used a tutorial pattern from Ravelry, and it was easy to follow.
This sock was knit cuff-down, which seems to be the default. I want to try toe-up next though! It sounds appealing.

I used Moda Vera Noir, a self-striping yarn, for this pair of socks, and they came out nice and kind of steampunky.
The fit is interesting, definitely different from commercial socks!
I really love the heel, the way the heel flap cups the heel.
usually, commercial socks are a little large for me. While these socks are certainly not a perfect fit, they fit much better than other socks I've had.
The only disappointment is that the ribbing isn't pulling in at all. in fact, it's rather loose and floppy. The sock stays up, but I think I need more ribbing next time.

Overall, socks are totally something I'll be knitting again.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baristafarian Hat

Sometimes, I get an idea in my head. Often, these don't work out.
This time, the idea was a hat of alternating knit and purl ridges, giving a three-dimensional, bee-hiveish effect.
I checked several patterns on Ravelry, but decided I'd just wing it.
Yeah, not so great actually.
You know that whole gauge thing?

Even when the hat came out ludicrously large, I thought it'd be fine. It was 'afarian, supposed to look that way. undaunted, I finished the hat. I even put it on.
It sank down over my ears, and no level of adjusting could fix it.
I strung some hat elastic through the brim, but the fact remained, the hat was too big.

All right then. Let's try that again.
I didn't bother with calculations, just ripped out and cast on a random, smaller number of stitches.
I tried on the brim, and it seemed to fit okay this time around.

The finished hat is... meh. It's a fine hat, but it lost a lot of the cute floppiness I had originally envisioned.
I put an applique on it, and the kitten totally makes the hat.
It's still cute in its own right.
It's just not the hat in my head.