Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bee My Mitts (featuring a flower)

 I love fingerless gloves and sleeves.
I have a box full of various sleeves and mitts that I wear in winter, especially at the computer, or when writing longhand. I love to cozy up my wrists.
I got some Yarn Chef yarn in a Ravelry destash in colours that didn't quite work for me, so I overdyed them.
The pale yellow and eggplant-skin purple turned a rich warm yellow and a soft brown, perfect bumblebee colors.

I love stripes, and as evidenced earlier, I love the ridges of alternating purls and knits in the round. So when I found the Hive Mitts on Ravelry, how could I resist?

I made some modifications to keep the stripes in the self-striping yarn lined up.
I love how these turned out! The yarn is beautifully soft and luscious, and I can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can enjoy my brand new mitts.
Given our Melbourne climate, I foresee getting a lot of use out of these babies.

I need to make myself more mitts and gloves and sleeves.

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