Monday, November 7, 2011

I am made from WIN.

I'm a lucky person. Not $50-bill on the sidewalk lucky, but things-work-out lucky.
I don't win things very often, and I'm certainly no sweepstaker.
In fact, I can tell you every single item I've won in anything, ever.

This week, however, has been unusually full of win.
First, I got a message from a sock knitting Ravelry group, Sock Knitters Anonymous. I'd knitted their mystery sock back in September. Lovely sock, adored the yarn, fell in love with the colour.
And now I've won a prize. And it's yarn!
I got to pick a skein of Goddess Knits sock yarn from her Etsy shop. In honour of the occasion, I picked one in a cheery looking yellow-green, to remind me of the chartreuse sock challenge.
That, and my stash is woefully low on both yellow and green.

But wait, there's more!
Today I come home to a message from my indomitable Nerd Wars team captain, telling me I've won the Round 1 submission draw!

So full of win.

So in short, knit along with others, and fight for your nerddom. Not only does it lead to all kinds of fantastic projects and stretch your knitting, sometimes, you can even walk away with cool prizes for your efforts.


  1. That is awesome! I won a skein of sock yarn a few months ago by doing a knit-along. Surprise wins are the best :)

  2. So true! Winning yarn for knitting is like having your (yarn) cake and eating/knitting it, too!