Friday, October 28, 2011

Cherry Chocolate Summer Socks

 Hermione's Everyday Socks is a well-loved pattern on Ravelry, and for good reason.
It's simple, straight forward, and pretty.

I finally got around to casting it on in Crystal Palace Panda Superwash.
After the Bamboo Baudelaires, I needed to try a bamboo yarn that was actually meant for socks, ebcause while the Baudelaires look cute, they slouch rather quickly and sag annoyingly after a few hours.
Washing restores them, but still. They're more pretty than functional.

I had high hopes for this yarn, and not just because I got it super cheap on sale.
It looks like chocolate and strawberries in the skein, and the yarn is so soft and squishy!
A pleasure.

I took these socks to knitting group, and they are easy enough to knit and chat at the same time.

The yarn was a little more splitty than I would have liked, but I got used to it.
As I knit these up, the colors reminded me less of ice cream and more of pink camo.
They're still cute.

The pattern isn't really visible per se, but it gives the socks a very interesting texture.

These are soft, summerly socks, and I hope I can wear them on warmer days when the wool socks just won't do.

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