Friday, March 22, 2013

WIPs of the week

This week has been a week of slow progress.
I've been making rows and rows on the Geodesic cardigan over the weekend, and it's starting to look like, well, something.
I love the delicate fabric, and the colour is stunningly subtle.
I'm also making good progress on my swap partner's socks. I turned the heel!
While turning the heel may be my favourite part of the sock (Look! New direction!), the first few rounds of gusset are my least fave. I suck at picking up the stitches and always get unsightly holes, and the first two rounds are just awkward as the fabric pulls in funny ways and there isn't enough space on the needle.
Then it gets better and things are flying along.
I'm not there yet though.

I've also started a test knit for a friend. It's in my Tails DK base, so the pattern is positively flying off the needles! The gauge is a little denser than I prefer, but it makes for a warm, delightful fabric.
I came up with a new colourway especially for this project. In honour of the weather we currently have outside, I'm calling it Looks Like Rain. The colour reminds me of the bottoms of storm clouds rolling in.

And speaking of new colours, I've treated myself to a sweater's quantity of Tails in a new-to-me red, Poison Apple. It's going to be a pullover, possibly the Pelotonner. Something squishy to cosy up in when I need a woolly hug...

What's on your needles this week?

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