Thursday, March 21, 2013

For the love of tea

I love tea.
I mean loooooooooove tea. I have at least two pots of tea most days, and I feel incomplete if I don't get to brew at least a cup on any given day.
Depending on the brew, tea can uplift or soothe me, calm me or give me that burst of energy.
I have tea for dark, miserable days and for hot and languid ones. Tea I drink in the morning, and tea to drink at night.
In fact, if you look at my tea shelf, crammed full of goodies (it goes on three deep), you might think I have a bit of a problem.

But it's all for research, you see? After the popular Tea & Stripes club (scheduled to return at the end of the year), I had the upcoming Downton Abbey tea & yarn swap to think about! So I really had to sample a wide variety of teas and tisanes to make sure I picked something delicious and inspiring both for your cups and for your needles.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to brew a fresh pot of tea.

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