Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sock o'Clock!

I finished a pair of socks!
These are for my International Sock Swap partner, but I'm finding it hard to part with them!
These are truly international socks. I got the yarn as a present from my mum from Europe, they were knit here in Australia, and they're going to a different continent again. World Socks!
I wasn't madly in love with the colours in the skein. They looked a little dull. But just like the colours of Australia, you need to let them play with each other and they create something quite interesting and beautiful.

I picked the pattern, Pomatomus by Cookie A, deliberately to break up any unruly pooling, but the yarn spiral-pooled in a very consistent way. Look at how well the socks match! Love it.

Now I just have to gather some more goodies to go with the theme of my swap package, and then it will be off on its hopefully not-too-long trip.

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