Monday, March 25, 2013

Sock Endurance Monday: first ever socks

I'm starting a new series called Sock Endurance Monday, where I look back at socks and see how they're holding up, whether I still like them, whatever.

And where better to start than with my very first ever pair of socks?

after 2 years
I knit these almost two years ago (May 2011), learning as I went along. I was still a newbie knitter in the extreme, but I managed, and I was so proud of these socks.
The yarn is Moda Vera Noir, which comes in a variety of self-patterning colours from our local big box craft store. Their recent colour selections has left me rather lukewarm, but I've enjoyed some of them in the past.

heel felting
These socks? Are indestructible. I wear them hiking in thick boots. I wear them in the rain. I wear them when I go for all-day walks along the muddy creek. I wear them in the house and I wear them while dyeing yarn and walking in just socks on concrete.

The heel felted pretty much straight away, but that only made them tougher.
I didn't do the toe decreases well and there are big ladders there. They're not going anywhere.
The ribbing was too loose, but the socks stay up in a loose way.

They've gone through the washing machine and the dryer.

No matter how hard I try to wear through them, they show no sign of giving.

How would I rate them?
  • Wear & tear: excellent
  • Colour fastness: perfect
  • Felting: some
  • Pilling: little
  • Fuzzing: some
  • Washing: invincible
  • Comfort: good
Do I still love them? Kinda.

And there you have it.


  1. I think I have a pair of socks and a hat in that colourway.

    And they are indeed indestructible.

    1. I just wish they still made the yarn in nice colourways...
      These socks will outlast everything!