Friday, December 9, 2011

No Penguins at the North Pole

 I love amigurumi.
Correction: I love the idea oif being able to make cute little amigurumis and take them on photo expeditions.

I kind of sort of know how to crochet. I know which end goes into the yarn, and I can usually guess where in the yarn the hook should probably go.
I can follow instructions to a point.

I can not, however, count stitches in my crochet. it's beyond me.
Which on something where knowing where in the round you are is desairable, yeah, not so much.

But not knowing something hasn't stopped me before, right?
So when this round's Nerd Wars had us challenge ourselves by trying a new technique, I knew crochet amigurumi would be it for me.
Armed with my bamboo hook (the one with the deepest head groove) and some baby blue acrylic, I set to work on the promisingly named Ow'ly's Beginner Amigurumi by Abigail Bailey.
The instructions are clear and straight-forward. And best of all, her blog comes with step-by-step video instructions!

So it's certianly not the pattern's fault or the designer's fault that my poor little penguin came out loose-stitched and lopsided, an affront to penguins and stuffiers everywhere.

Alas, he was not long for this world.
A shame, since he actually turned out to be quite photogenic in the end. When posed in the right circumstances, at least...

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