Monday, December 19, 2011

December Daily Hexipuff - 18

Side B
Side A
Warm autumnals blend together here in Sugamo. With warm peach and apricot yellow, muted by a warm grey, this is a color that is sure to stand out when knit up. I think pooling would actually be desirable in this color, reminiscent of cloudy sunsets.
I could see this knit up into a hat, or something relying on garter stitch to break up and blend the colors. A shawl would be lovely if these are your colors. This is also an excellent color for socks.
For some reason, this color makes me think of toys, especially monsters. Maybe it's the old-skool sweater colors that do it.

For the hexipuff blanket, side B wins for me. I like the salmon next to the grey more so than the yellow.

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