Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December Daily Hexipuff - 19

Side A

The future is now in Odaiba. Green, blue, pink and green compete for attention in the ball. This yarn is bright, bright, BRIGHT! And I love it. how could you not be cheered by the prospect of some plain or lightly textured gloves or socks in this yarn? I'm envisioning bike riding gloves especially. Full of cheer and wonderfulness!
This would also make the perfect color for fair isle-ing or other colorwork. It'll make you look so much smarter!
And we all know I love looking smarter than I am...

Side B
I also adore how different the two sides came out. For the hexi-quilt, I choose side B. But honestly, I'm going to squeeze more puffs out of this ball to get more interesting variations, for sure!

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