Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hexipuffs of October

Moda Vera Noir Laguna and Regia Kaffe Fassett

Look! Joined puffs! I read somewhere in the knitalong thread about knitting one puff onto the next to avoid having to seam them. I think it looks reasonably nice. I might just do that.
I'm not going to knit them all on to each other, but hey, any seam already done is one more I won't have to do later, right?
I've also aribtrarily decided that I won't just knit puffs from yarn that has already become socks (hello, addiction! I just can't wait that long!), and that I'm not going to have two puffs touching that are made from the same yarn base. Mainly becasue I've been using a lot of Moda Vera Noir, the Australian version of Regia, or at least that's what it feels like to me. It's a crunchy yarn. Some of the other yarns I've got are certainly nicer in feel. I've made a puff from 100% bamboo yarn and a few from bamboo/soy, but still, most of them are the wool/nylon yarns' you'd expect from sock yarns.

The vase is getting full, too. I might have to find a new storage space for my puffs soon!

How's your puffing going? Are you getting there? What's your favorite puff so far?
Do you puff and blog? Let me know!

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