Monday, October 3, 2011

Hexipuff Update - the first week

Addictive, you say?

Hexipuffs are the perfect tiny project to do when you just want bite-sized knitting.
Now that I'm used to the pattern, the puffs are coming along nicely. I'm still a very beginning knitter, and I knit slowly, but even I can knock out a hexipuff in under an hour, bind-off, stuffing and all.
I use Judy's magic cast-on to start, and a three-needle bind-off to finish. This gives me one smooth edge and the rest nice and defined. I don't know a cast-on that would give me a perfect edge at teh bottom, too.
If nothing else, my toe cast-on is getting better with all this little knitting. ^_^

Just for the lols, I tried knitting several puffs at once.
it was an interesting experience, but I think I'll stick to one at a time. Part of the fun is, after all, that they go so quickly.

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