Sunday, October 16, 2011

Super Fun Stripey Socks, or: I made those up!

Thank goodness the move is finally over.
It's been a stressful couple of months of househunting and general home uncertainty, but once we found our new place, things moved relatively quickly.

We did most of the move ourselves, opting to hire a moving van only one day for all our big furniture items.

We're a short bus ride away from our old place, so I took the week off and started moving suitcases of stuff over.
And we all know that public transport time means knitting time, right?
My mom has sent me this awesome yarn of random stripes (Regia Design Line Kaffe Fasset) that couldn't be more my colors if I had chosen them myself!

I didn't want to waste a yard of this yarn, so I decided to make them into knee-high, ribbed socks for snowboarding.

I started with 24 stitches and increased to 60, then went for a 3x3 rib all the way. nice and easy, nice and flowey.
I loved watching the stripes appear.

There's a funny thing about bus rides. While on trams and trains, no one ever talks to me, on buses, there are more old ladies with a lot of time.

I've had two approach me during my moving day to chat about my socks.
One of them asked in broken English whether I was making them "for bebe". I held up the two completed my-size feet.
"No, for me," I told her.
She picked up the socks doubtfully.
"For bebe," she declared. "Too small for you."
Well, whaddaya know? She must know some big-footed babies.

Mr. Mechanicalpenguin took two days off for the move, too. We borrowed his parents' car and shuttled our various boxes and bags to and fro all day Thursday and Friday.
And the sock legs grew and grew.

Finally, everything was moved on Sunday, and the socks went all the way up to my knees.
I finished them off in 1x1 rib at the top for an inch, then bound off.
now it's time to put up my feet and enjoy our new home.
Life is good in stripey socks.

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