Saturday, June 30, 2012

Like Playing In Fibre Clouds

 There's something new happening here at Yarn vs Zombies.
Look at these clouds. So fluffy. So squishy. So... what? That's not yarn. That's fibre!
And not just any fibre. Oh no. This is some of the finest, softest and most scrumptuous fibre locally available.
It's superwash merino from sheep that live on a little island just south of the mainland of Australia, called Tasmania.
Tasmania is a gorgeous place, and it seems their sheep are just as gorgeous.
This fibre has to be touched to be believed!
I may have spent an hour patting a piece of fluff.
And oh my goodness, does this fibre love dye. It's so vibrant and fun and a completely different experience than playing with yarn!

There will be several braids of this gorgeousness up in the shop on Tuesday, so make sure you give them a look if you love spinning (or just want a fluffy fibre pet).

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