Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vivian Update

Just a quick update on the Vivian sweater.
Last time you saw us, the sleeves were just about to join the main body.
Which turned out to be surprisingly straight-forward.
What wasn't straight-forward were the decreases to fuse the two together permanently. It got better though, once i switched from the K2togs in the pattern to P2togs. By then, I knew where I wanted to be, and which stitches to eat. Looks better now.

The saddles were easier than I expected them to be, but my stitches are rather large and loopy. I might have to tighten those up, if it doesn't come out in blocking. Does anything ever come out in blocking?

I also managed to add a design feature at the last minute.
Can you spot it?
Here's a hint, look at the two front tops.
Yeah. Brilliant, that's me.

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