Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ravelympics 2012

Who wants to watch a bunch of chem'ed up super athletes perform things slightly faster than their peers in massive arenas?
Not me, but when you add crafting to the mix, suddenly you have Ravelympics 2012, and those events are much more interesting to my palate.
Events range from afghans to hats, from dyeing to weaving.
Looking at the list (and the time frame, since 3 weeks seems an awfully short time), I'm considering entering some (not all) of these:

  • colourwork crosscountry 
  • cowl jump 
  • double-knit boxing 
  • frogging trampoline 
  • hand-dye high dive 
  • hat dash 
  • home stuff hammerthrow 
  • lace longjump 
  • mitten medley 
  • scarf hockey 
  • shawl sailing 
  • single skein sprint 
  • sock put 
  • swatching coxswain 
  • synchronized stash busting 
  • wips wrestling
What about you? Will you be a Ravelympian? Which team? Which events will you participate in?

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