Sunday, May 20, 2012

Life Is Like A Grapefruit

Sometimes, it takes someone else to tell me to knit something. Hitchhiker is an incredibly popular shawl/scarf pattern by talented German designer Martina Behm. There are spinoff hat and mitts, variations on the slanting theme, and over 5000 Hitchhikers knitted on Ravelry. Then sillyfru of the Sassypants Knitter podcast started a KAL. I had this fabulous Sweet Georgia yarn in my stash that I've been wanting to use, so I went for it.
And I love it!

It's a quick, addictive knit and very rewarding in lots of ways.
You start at one corner and knit back and forth, increasing until it's time to make your first tooth (of 42). Achievement! Reward, please.
So you make another one. the rows gradually get longer.
You make another one. And another.
And before you know it, you're happily knitting endless rows just to finish one more tooth. Fabulous.
It also doesn't hurt that this is an immensely wearable scarf with its long, tapered points and squishy garter stitch centre.
I love looking at it all layed out, seeing the variegated yarn move around as the rows change how the colours pool.
All in all, one of the great wins of knitting. There's a reason why this pattern is popular. Go knit one. You'll love it.

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