Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nerd Wars Tournament 4

A new round of Nerd Wars is here!
A new chance to combine supreme geekdom with crafting excellence. Or, you know, crafting fail. Whichever comes first.

A lot of us hung out for the midnight reveal in the chat room to see what the challenges would be for this round.
Of course midnight Nerd Wars time is a balmy 4pm the next day for me...

Anyway, this time around, the challenges range from Your Specialty (a technique you are particularly fond or proud of) and single-skein projects to has for charity to something inspired by a mnemonic, inspired by technology and ingenuity to Twue Wove.

Of course, I already have plans. oh, how I have plans.
And those plans just happen to coincide with plane knitting and the crafting I will hypothetically be doing in Japan.
Or I'll be making some last-minute items when I come home, who knows?

I'm also taking on a dissertation (a three-month project) this time around, so there'll be a lot of crafting in my future.
Yay for nerdery and crafts!

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