Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy yellow gloves beribboned

Did I mention I love knitting gloves? I also love knitting complicated patterns on my accessories.
Enter Julia Mueller and her fabulous glove designs.
She's hosting a knitalong this month for her newly released glove pattern, Morgan. A beautiful glove held together by a ribbon. Gorgeous.

I still had the Decadently Divine yarn I'd won from Sock Knitters Anonymous, and I've been drawn to yellow-greens lately.
Time to cast on.

Well! This pattern flew by, and I managed to cable without a cable needle! So proud.
Okay, so there was some ripping out, and I didn't exactly feel too bright and shiny when I realised half way up the looooong cuff that I was twisting one cable in the wrong direction. Never mind. It's all good.

I ripped back the top of the hand several times as for some reasons, my stitches refused to be in the correct place at the correct time. I *think* it all worked out in the end...

They're nice gloves overall. Unfortunately, the yarn, already soft in the skein, softened up even more after a soak, making for a rather slouchy glove, even at the smallest size.
I suppose I'll gift them on.

Things I've learned from this project:

  • how to cable without a cable needle
  • make sure you read the cable twists in a chart carefully
  • certain yarns do better with certain projects
  • I need more occasions to wear full gloves

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