Monday, April 8, 2013

Sock Endurance Monday: Who doesn't love stripes?

pretty yarn cake
freshly finished
Can you believe that it's taken me this long to actually knit up self-striping indie yarn? But it's true! This skein of Desert Vista Dyeworks in the wonderfully named Summertime came to me through destash.
I knit plain afterthought heel socks in September 2013, which was apparently my month of socks.

They're one of my heavy rotation socks, and I always wear them in shoes where you can see them, so open MJs or sneakers. I also wear them around the house a lot.

afterthought heel coming soon!
They're a great light-weight sock and so bright and happy!
The fit isn't ideal, as the afterthought heel fits me a bit funkily (my first afterthought heel sock), but otherwise, these socks are great.

state of the heel, see the funny ear?
The blue stripe bled a bit on first wash, somewhat toning down the brightness of the rest of the stripes, but otherwise, they've stayed wonderfully vibrant and I love them a lot. I always handwash them in Soak.

current state
How would I rate them?
  • Wear & tear: excellent
  • Colour fastness: great
  • Felting: none
  • Pilling: little
  • Fuzzing: little
  • Washing: good
  • as worn in shoes
  • Comfort: good
Do I still love them: Absolutely!

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  1. These are so bright and fun! I love your sock endurance series-- as a new-ish sock knitter, I really appreciate hearing how different yarns and patterns wear.