Monday, April 1, 2013

Sock Endurance Monday: Treat them kindly

freshly finished
This week, I'm going to look at a favourite pair of mine, and how they stood up.
unusual construction!
My Bi-partisanship socks were definitely a case of wild yarn infatuation. The yarn is Woollen St Mills Princess Sophia in the Ron Weasley colourway. Soooo pretty.
I adore the sock pattern, too. It's perfect for wildly variegated yarns.

I knit these socks in September of 2012, and I wear them often and for medium stretches of walking (several hours)

I tend to wear these socks in open shoes so I can admire their prettiness. They feel a little delicate to me. I handwash them in Soak. They're 100% Merino, so they're wonderfully soft, but they're not going to last forever.
how they are today
It doesn't bother me when my socks don't wear like iron. Like a flower in full bloom, it's to be enjoyed before it fades. And besides, if my socks all didn't wear out in a timely fashion, I'd have to stop knitting them. And I really enjoy knitting socks... you know, in case you hadn't noticed.

heel fuzzing and thinning
There is a definite fuzzy halo going on with these socks, and the colours have faded a bit. Overall, they are becoming more soft and more delicate, and they're still a favourite, so they're in constant roation. I'd be surprised if they live longer than a year.

How would I rate them?
  • Wear & tear: okay
  • Colour fastness: good
  • Felting: none
  • Pilling: little
  • Fuzzing: a fair bit
  • Washing: delicate
  • Comfort: excellent
as worn in shoes
Do I still love them? Yes, very much.

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