Friday, March 16, 2012

Hexipuffs of March

Where are the hexipuffs?
I haven't talked about the little puffy hexagons in a while, and I have slowed down a bit as other things have been clamoring for attention.
But I'm still puffing.
In fact, March is leftovers month for me.
Inspired by one of the Nerd Wars challenges, I'm trying to reduce my scrap heap.
Now, my scraps certainly aren't as impressive as others, but they're filling what little space I have for them.

So the idea is to turn all those little balls into hexipuffs and re-allocate the larger balls to proper projects.

You can see some Wollmeise and Malabrigo left over from the Clockwork shawl, some Decadently Divine left over from gloves and some Another Crafty Girl from the Vine Whip beret that should have enough yardage for a small hat, or some mitts or a cowl.

The jar is still full of mini skeins and sock leftovers.
How many of these can I knit up this month, and how many puffs will that be?
We'll see...

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