Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bamboo Robot Mitts

 Lorna's Laces in the amazingly named Robot Overlord was the first nice yarn I ever bought.
You know, the kind that comes from an LYS, not a general craft store. one that's expensive. one that is gorgeous.
What I didn't realize is that this yarn is also magical.
Not only did I knit a single skein up into beautiful Monkey socks that still look fabulous and the leftovers into several hexipuffs for the neverending blanket, I also made a little bird.
And I still had leftovers!
Enough leftovers, in fact, that together with one of my favourite Lorna's laces mini-skeins, they made a pair of fingerless mitts. Not short mitts, either. These are decent, halfway-up-the-arm mitts knit in bamboo stitch to show off the colors swirling.
The mitts were a quick, easy knit, especially since I left the thumb gusset out so I could wear these as wristers.
Wristers are a knitter's best friend. Also a writer's must-have. Or really for anyone else that works with their hands and needs to keep their wrists protected.
Covering your wrists in winter prevents your fingers from feeling stiff and your wrist joints from becoming achy.
if your wrists are already sore, putting some tiger balm or other cooling cream on, then putting cuffs over the top can be quite a relief.
And if you work in a chilly office, wristers are obviously a must-have, too.
So yay for wristers, yay for infinite yarn, and yay for fabulously named skeins of yarn addiction entry wool.

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