Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's on the needles this week? Socks!

Not that many things are on the needles as I'm trying really hard not to start anything new before going to Japan. Otherwise, how am I going to decide what to pack??

Still on the needles are the pink Wollmeise socks of braided twisted stitches of awesomeness.
It's slow going. The pattern is complicated, and even though I'm getting the hang of it, there's a *lot* of twisting going on.
The color is also fabulous and I'm enjoying them immensely.
A much easier project are my Kiellinie socks, my second attempt at fun ribbed snowboarding socks.
They're my easy knitting I can take to outings. They've gotten most of their work done at game night. Board games are perfect for sock knitting.
I'm going to have to give these some personal attention though as it's time to turn the heel.
I had some issues sizing these correctly, but I think they'll work out fine.
As always for me, it's going to be part mystery, part hope to see just how well they fit.
Fortunately, ribbed workhorse yarn socks are one of the most forgiving concepts.
And that's all for now. Once I get to travelling, the real cast-on fun starts.

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