Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Dream of Melbourne Beaches (or at least mom does)

My first pair of socks for someone other than me.
Mom's been hinting that she would sure like a pair of cozy socks to admire while she puts up her feet and watches TV.
hint well received.
After all, it's my mom who introduced me to knitting.
She was a knitting fiend until she developed permanent RSI in her elbow from knitting too much!
She's made me many fabulous sweaters when I was a kid (how I wish I still had them now!), and when I found the yarn for these socks, I knew it would be perfect.
You see, my mom knit me a sweater in turquoise. I called it blue, she called it green. It was hilarious, and I loved that sweater a lot.
it was exactly the color of the blue (green?) in these socks!

I wanted a pattern reminiscent of the ocean and waves to go with the colors. I found the Sailor's Delight by Meliisa Morgan-Oakes of Two-at-a-time Socks fame. The pattern doesn’t show up well, but it’s making the overall sock appear wavelike.

Sent off across the world on Sep 6th.
Arrived November 24th. Slow post is slow. I was really worried that the socks hadn't made it. Fortunately, they have!
I'll never send knitting by slow post again. Way too stressful!

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