Sunday, July 10, 2011

Steampunk Ruffle Gloves

Okay, I'm feeling confident in my knitting prowess. Time for something new.
Time for something costumey and fun.
Time for gloves. With ruffles. Can't be too tough, right?
Not only did it take me three attempts to get gauge, I also managed to never think about how much yarn one ball is.
You know that magical state where you believe that however much yarn you have will be enough?
This was very much not helped by the fact that when I went to buy another ball for the second glove, the yarn was different.
Not a little different in colour. I mean completely different in feel and handle. It wasn't the soft, squishy yarn that had me excited in the first place. This yarn was flat and distorted and no fun to work with.
Still, i finished the gloves.
And I have the perfect buttons.

The ruffle is a little too floppy and wants to come down over my arms, but still. These gloves go perfectly with my vintage bike. Perfect for transition weather.

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