Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I love things that can be other things.
Panniers that are bags.
Breakfast cereal as dinner.
Photos that are souvenirs.
A shawl that can be a cardigan, a shrug, a hood and more!
Versatility by Amanda Williams is one of those patterns that was probably a bit too much for me at the time, But I really, really wanted this convertible shrug-shawl-cardiga-thing!

Of course I didn't think to swatch, nor did I use yarn that was probably a good choice here.
In fact, I used a cheap and bulky acrylic that's delightfully soft, but not very easily manipulated by newbie hands like mine.

This pattern taught me lace, bobbles, and cables all at once.
It also taught me that I have no idea how much yarn something takes. I had to buy another ball of yarn. And another.
And then I had about a hand span left in the end.

I really liked the end result. Even if, you know. It didn't actually fit me.
But that's okay! Knitting always fits someone.
in fact, my cat thought it would make a fabulous blanket for her.

Things can always be other things if you let them. And cats love everything for themselves.

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