Cats & Other Companions

Our animal companions, whether furry, scaley, feathery or the worrying 'other', are near and dear to our hearts.

These colors were inspired by animals around me. If you'd like me to create a yarn inspired by your favourite companion, let me know!

Blue Macaw
Red parrots get all the glory, and that's just not right. Blue macaws (Ara ararauna) are just as gorgeous, and with this 4-stripers, you can celebrate their glory. Alternating big stripes of adult blue and juvenile teal are interrupted by small stripes of bright parrot yellow.

Colors: Ara Blue, Golden Bird Yellow, Juvenile Teal, Golden Bird Yellow

Calico Cat
Calicos (also called tortoiseshell-and-white, mi-ke or tricolor cat) are believed to bring good luck and fortune because of their unique coloring. Calico includes tabby stripes, rowan brown, white and black.
This five-striper will bring the luck and joy of a calico cat into your life. Purring not included.

Colors: Brown tabby, black, roan, white, gray tabby

Tabby Cat
Tabby Cat is mixes of browns and blacks, mottled and plain, but never ordinary. This unisex color stripes up irregularly to keep you guessing, just like your favorite feline.

Colors: Hungry Tabby Stripes(big), Brown (small), That Other Brown (small), Spots n' Stripes (big)


  1. Love your calico yarn, buy your etsy shop link is coming up with an error message...did you close your shop?

    1. Not sure if I'll get notification if you reply, so could you email me at, please?