Monday, February 18, 2013

In The Dyepots

What's in the dye pots this week?

I finally got some merino fibres back. As well as Squish, my regular superwash merino base, and Grip, my 100% Australian Corriedale, I've got Slink, 100% Tussah silk (and the softest thing I've ever touched) and a new base, a non-superwash Australian Merino top of a wonderful 18.5 micron, Squoosh. Think of it as Squish's untreated sister.

But of course it isn't just fibre that's been brewing. I've also been busy re-dyeing some variegated favourites as well as playing with more semi-solids.
Semi-solids are difficult for me to keep in stock, mainly because most people who are looking for semi-solids are looking for very specific colours, and it's impossible for me to keep a full palette in stock right now.

So if you're looking for a specific colour, make sure to let me know, and I'll dye it up for you!

I'm trying to dye a semi-solid or two each week so I can add them to my gallery, to make it easier for people to choose what they like.

There aren't going to be many self-striping yarns in the shop this week, but you never know, there might still be a few!

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