Monsters, Movie and Media series

Who doesn't love a good monster movie? Or a great genre novel to sink your teeth into?
This series combines our love for the ghoulish with our need for stories to come up with a tale uniquely its own.

A Dragon Ate My Homework
No really, it's true! In fact, a whole bunch of dragons! You've got to believe me!
This 4-striper might not get you out of trouble, but it will have you looking your best in detention for sure.

Colors: Green dragon, Red dragon, Blue dragon, half-eaten homework

Deadly Valentine
The deep reds and purples of true love swirl through this color like your first crush through your every thought. Elegant, mysterious and passionate, this color makes a bold statement, no matter what the occasion.
Glazed colors have an inner glow that is hard to capture and wonderful to experience. Layers upon layers of green were slowly added on, giving this yarn a special depth when knitted up. Has to be seen to be believed!

Colors: Glazes of deep red, true red, vicious purple, burgundy, blood red, magenta

Don't go in the water
You never know what lurks there. Sharks, mermaids or kelpies? Perhaps a not-so-friendly selkie? Or just that guy you never wanted to see in swimming trunks...
At least in this two-striper, your feet will look fabulous while you eat ice cream on the pier.

Colors: Wet Sand, Endless Ocean

End Credits & End Credits - The Sequel
It's been a long night fighting zombie hordes, but you've done it. You've survived. You've rescued the princess. You've slain the dragon. Or rescued the dragon. Whatever floats your boat, we're not judging, and neither is this six-striper of fun! Make yourself some victory rainbow socks or gift them to someone to show them you love them more than unicorns! Even more than killer unicorns (and that's a lot of love)

Colors: Green (with envy), Nerd Blue, Purple Is A Fruit, I'm Not An Orange, You had me at Yellow, True Love Pink

Frog Prince
Perhaps he's one of the good guys. perhaps he's here to help. or perhaps he's a creep hiding in your bedroom. Maybe you should toss him against the wall and find out.

Colors: Glazes of frog green, leaf green, frog belly yellow and taking flight orange


Ghoulish or foolish? Even zombie beauty queens sometimes need that little bit extra.
This colorway brings out the spook in any garment, monster or accessory.

Colors: Glazes of Zombie Blush, Ghoul Glowing Green, Gore

It Came From The Deep
It Came From The Deep. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, this irregular four-striper is going to pull you right back under. Knit this if you dare.

Colors: It looked romantic Purple (big), Monster Green (little), Endless Deep Blue (little) Fade to Black (wee)

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night
It was a Dark and Stormy Night. Named after the book opening cliche, this tonal variegated colorway takes you from deep, dark greys to deep blues of a thunderous sky to the whites and blues of choppy waters.

Colors: Stormcloud Grey, Choppy Waters Blue, Bad Omen Blue, Cloudy White, Thunderstorm Purple, It Gets Worse Dark Blue

Life Blood
It's what pulsates in most living creatures and is craved by those that no longer draw breath.
Glazed colors have an inner glow that is hard to capture and wonderful to experience. Layers upon layers of green were slowly added on, giving this yarn a special depth when knitted up. Has to be seen to be believed!

Colors: Glazes of first love, true passion, crimson, the one red, bloody valentine

Mermaid Nightmares
People nowadays think mermaids are friendly, singing chicks in shell bikinis. but don't be fooled by their pop culture image. Mermaids are deadly sea creatures, intent on luring you to your watery grave. Just like the dolphin.
Colors:  Glazes of sand, deep sea, stormy waters, churning orange

Monster Movie Night
Nothing says horror quite like B-movie horror. Get ghoulish or vamp it up with this seven-striper inspired by everyone's favourite nighttime terrors.

Colors: Ghoul Green, Werewolf Brown, Drowning in Blue, Vile Yellow, Vampire Queen Red, Zombie Green, Black as Your Heart

Robot Rights
Fight for their rights. Before they do.

Colors: Glazes of titanium grey, rusty orange, brass, copper, soot

Sunset in Vampire County
You thought you could make it back to safety. But the orange glow on the horizon says otherwise. I hope you packed your wooden needles.

Colors: Glazes of sun yellow, fading orange, last light pink and blood red

That's What She Said
Some days are just a little bit girly. A little bit wild. Lace and combat boots. Party all night and curl up with a good book. Show your stripes and do it all.

Colors: Purple Is A Fruit, Pink Is An Attitude

Werewolf Pup
Puppies! Everyone loves their cuddly russet fur and big puppy eyes. But everything changes once the full moon rises...

Colors: Glazes of Russet, Roan and Bite Me Orange

Zombie Unicorn
Zombie Unicorn
Somewhere along the way, it all went horribly, horribly wrong. That's what happens when you try to breed your own childhood fantasy.

Colors: Fairytale Pink, Butterfly Purple, Happy Flowers, Zombie Green

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