Doctor Who series

Who's your doctor?
Travelling through time and space can be tough, and these Doctor Who-inspired colorways will keep you in style, no matter when and where you are.

A Little More Sonic
A Little More Sonic
Who looks at a yarn (or a screwdriver) and thinks "This could be a little more sonic?"

Colors: Glazes of Screwdriver Grey, Time Traveller Blue, Problem-Solving Light Blue, Can't Do Wood Tan

Whether you are travelling through time and space or are just headed for another day at work, add a little up-and-at-'em to your knitting with this colorway inspired by Who else, the 10th doctor.

Colors: glazes of overcoat tan, lining blue, pocket detail orange, a little more sonic grey, classy tie red

Starry Night, or Exploding Box

Starry Night, or, Exploding Box to those in the know, is a colorway inspired by Van Gogh's famous painting. It's full of swirling blues with touches of moonlit yellows and whites for a truly impressionist experience.

Colors: night sky blue, time-travelling blue, moonlit white, moon & stars yellow, shooting star gold, cloud grey

Through Time and Space

You know how it is. One day, it's Monday morning in the suburbs, the next it's the year 5,000 and you're in outer space. No? Well, with these socks, it could be. Inspired by the opening credits of Doctor Who, this two-striper will let you feel like you're knitting and walking through time and space in style.

Colors: Time Traveller Blue & Through Space (multi-colored in Space Pink, Otherworld Green, Traveller's Yellow and Adventuress Purple)

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